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Every situation you will ever face; Whether interaction with family and friends, challenges on the job, even dealings with courts, lawyers, judges, and the government are addressed in this Book. Faith and receiving Gods’ help gets alot easier when we use His Words and His prayers. CLICK THE LINKS to view Psalms that we pray every day in the church and to find the Prayers You Need to get Gods’ help NOW. Thank You for Looking In, and Thank You for your prayers. Pastor Andrew
Join us Sunday for Worship, Fellowship, and the Word Sunday 10:00 am - 11:30 am
5194 US Hwy 6 Helper, UT 84526

Psalm 33 Is a Prayer, Worship, and the Word of Faith GIVEN BY GOD that

can be used to save America. Join us as we unite in faith for our nation to

"Fear the Lord" and believe God to outpour His Spirit for The Revival He

has planned for us.

Thank You for joining us in this prayer ministry, and God Bless You for it.


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