Theme for this Week: 

     We are encouraged to Praise the Lord to release and receive blessings, to secure God's power for battling the enemy, to strengthen our faith, and the list goes on for receiving from God through praise. God Bless You as He grows your faith for this fundamental principle for receiving from God.
New Life Ministries                 Psalms for the Week                 Oct 21-28
To receive specific blessings (listed in this Psalm), worship God with these promises today and feel your faith grow as you praise Him.
To increase your faith for God being greater than the challenges you are facing,  praise Him with these words.

Oct 22                                 Psalm 112
Oct 23                                 Psalm 113
When God led Israel out of Egypt, His people went from being slaves to being restored to their God-given authority as God's people in the earth. This Psalm contains the words of praise to renew your mind concerning “who you are in Christ” and build up your faith for having authority over your own life.
Oct 24                                    Psalm 114
Oct 25                                     Psalm 115
Oct 26                                Psalm 116
Oct 27                                      Psalm 117
Oct 28                                       Psalm 118
This Psalm shows that God loves us first (because of His mercy) and when we “get that” we are empowered to “fear the Lord”.  Knowing His love is what makes us want to obey Him and believe His promises to us. Worship God with these words to receive this life-changing understanding.
It is our faithfulness to praise God in the middle of trials that brings His power onto the scene. Praise Him with these words, and you will stand strong till the end of the battle.
This Psalm is nothing but simple praise to God for His mercy and the promises in His Word. “Just Do It” anytime you want (or need) a little encouragement in your soul and strength in your faith.
One More Reminder: 

Praise from God's Word secures everything you will ever need from God from calming your soul, to growing your faith, and to bringing God's power and Spirit onto the scene in the battle you are facing. God Bless You as praise becomes a life-changing lifestyle for you.