This week Holy Spirit will teach and empower us to defeat the enemy through praise and “our testimony”.  We will learn to replace discouragement, worry, and doubt with faith and the Joy of the Lord.  THIS IS GODS' WAY TO FIGHT A BATTLE !

Let every prayer BE PRAISE FROM THIS WEEKS' PSALM, and Let God fill us with faith and His peace.


   Our reason to rejoice is Gods' promise that He is watching over us TO “MAINTAIN OUR CAUSE”  and DEFEND US FROM THE ENEMY.  

Worship with this promise is the Praise that Builds Your Faith.

Monday  9:1-2

    Every prayer this week we are Praising God with the promises given. This is the “telling of His marvelous works” that brings His joy and His peace into your life.

Tuesday    9:4-5   

      God wants us “telling of His praise” to Gods' people around us. This keeps us in His joy, His peace, and His protection. Keep praying and praising Him with His promises.  As this becomes part of you, you will “rejoice in the salvation of God” everyday.

Wednesday    9:9  

   God is teaching us to “put our trust in Him”.  We say, “we trust Him”, but now is the time to do it His Way.  Your mouth declaring and praising Him with the Words He gives us to express that trust.

Thursday   9:10 

Friday     9:13-14