It is now time to Praise God for the righteousness He has taught you to walk in, and expect the victory over the enemy's attacks that have come against you.

TODAYS' PRAYER Father, I thank You for and Celebrate the Righteousness that You have given to me. Thank You for mercy and forgiveness through Jesus Christ and for the grace to walk in integrity of heart and actions before you all the days of my life. 
Daily Prayers for Days of Awe

Psalm 7     Prayer Purpose

Day 1

          We all cry to God to “save us” when we are in trouble. God is teaching us that when OUR SIN IS THE    CAUSE FOR THE TROUBLE, we must deal with it before His deliverance can come.


God gives us a prayer to ask “for His judgment against our enemies”.  We must yield to the refining work of the Spirit in us to be certain our hearts are right with God when we pray this way.

TODAYS' PRAYER Father, because of my enemies, help me keep my heart right before You.  Lead me through Your refining process and teach me to walk in integrity before You.

DAY  3

God has showed us to deal with sin and receive His forgiveness. Today we can pray with confidence the declaration given here. This “Divine Order” will keep you continually in the blessings and protection of God.

TODAYS' PRAYER  Lord, I thank You for Your mercy and receive the “gift of righteousness” through Jesus' sacrifice and true repentance.  Fill my heart with confidence and Your peace as I truly stand before You with integrity in my heart.

DAY 4  

     Scripture calls every “trial” a “test”.  God “tests” us to keep our hearts and minds pure before Him, SO HE CAN KEEP US IN HIS BLESSINGS AND PROTECTION. Never again, pray for deliverance alone; Rather consider the “test” and welcome the refining work of the Spirit.

TODAYS' PRAYER  Lord, Your Word says, “Count it a joy when you fall into trials”.  I now see the value in “passing a test from God” and look forward to living before You with integrity in my heart.

TODAYS' PRAYER  God, teach me to do honest, self-examination when sin is cutting me off from your blessings and protection.  Shine “the light of Your Word” on any darkness in me, so I can repent and be restored to relationship with You.

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