Ps 6:1-3

   This weeks' prayer will battle sickness and infirmity from a spiritual perspective.  We must acknowledge that if sin or demon spirits are at the root of the problem ONLY GOD'S MERCY AS THE BASIS FOR FAITH WILL BRING THE HEALING.  God has specific "Words" and prayers for dealing with these types of sicknesses.

Whether you are praying for yourself or someone else, the Word given here is vital for the healing grace of God you are needing.

          PRAYER   Father,  I am praying for Your Mercy concerning the infirmity I am fighting.  The weight of the struggle is wearing on me, and I am in need of You to intervene and bring me the victory now. Lead me and teach me by Your Spirit to engage this enemy in Your Grace and Your Power. Thank You for the victory that I am receiving from You, NOW.

Ps 6:4

Getting God involved requires that we pursue Him:  Praying for His mercy to bring His power to save us.  

TODAYS' PRAYER    Father,  Only You can deliver me from the enemy that has come against me, (or the one you are praying for) and I ask You for Your Saving Grace (power, wisdom, and mercy) to restore health and bring victory in this trial.

Psalm 6:9

NOW IS THE TIME to use your faith based on the promises in Gods' Word.  We have done what God said, and can expect the promised results.

              PRAYER   Father,  I thank You for hearing and receiving my prayers.  I thank You for Your Mercy,  and I believe the sin that gave the enemy access to me is forgiven and the enemy no longer has any rights in my life.  I expect Your Healing Power to work in my life and I expect restoration to health through Your Mercy and Grace.

Psalm 6:8

This vs is for spiritual battles concerning infirmity.  Not all sickness is the result of sin,...but A LOT IS ! 

    When sin draws the attention of demon spirits and they get involved


          PRAYER   In the Name of Jesus Christ I take authority over demon spirits who have gained access in this situation.  I repent of the sin that gave them access to me (or the one I am praying for) and I pray for the cleansing power of the Blood of Christ to wash this situation and make it white as snow.  I receive Gods' mercy to bring healing and forgiveness that drive the enemy away.

          NOTE:  This prayer is basic, and "A good place to begin". 

                            We must continue "seeking the Lord" for wisdom for the deliverance and healing we are seeking.

Prayer Week  Starting  Mar 19, 2023          Psalm 6        

Purpose and Prayer


Psalm 9:10

       Following Gods' instruction is the KEY to faith and victory in any trial we face. Continue to receive Gods' grace by declaring promises directly from His Word and that you received from the Spirit.

         PRAYER   Father,  I Thank You for hearing my prayers and for forgiving my sins.  Thank You for sending Your Spirit with Words and grace to defeat the infirmity brought on by the enemy. "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God".  Your Word (s) have increased my faith, and I receive Your Healing through the love and mercy You have for me.

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