MONDAY    Ps 5:8

         Most of us can admit we need God's help to win the battles we are fighting.  Psalm 5 teaches us how to pursue and receive guidance from the Holy Spirit in order to receive that help.  As you receive God's Word from the Spirit, faith becomes a simple matter of doing what God tells you, and then expecting God to do what He promises for your faith.  Let's Do This !

PRAYER   Father, teach me to fight and win the battles I am facing with Your Grace, Your Power, and Your Strength.  Help me hear Your voice and follow the instruction You give me. You promised, “If God is for me, who can be against me”.  Teach me to connect with You for the challenges I face and to see this promise fulfilled in me.

TUESDAY      Psalm 5:1-3 

       It's time to put God first.  The enemy comes after you all day long, and if you are going to “stay ahead of him” you need to pursue God first thing “in the morning”.  Meditation is praying and praising God WITH PSALMS, and the words of Psalm 5 are the specifics for this pursuit.

PRAYER   Father,  Thank You for “Leading me in Your righteousness because of my enemies”.   I am listening for Your voice, and I receive Your Spirit for the grace to fight and win every challenge I face today and every day. You promised blessings and life to those who “meditate in Your Word”, (Psalm 1) and I “am looking up to You”, for those blessings and that life.  (REMEMBER...Meditation is  PRAYING GOD'S WORD AS A PETITION BEFORE GOD....IN OTHER WORDS, A WHOLE BUNCH !)       GOD BLESS YOU !
THURSDAY  Psalm 5:11


            I hope you can see that worship and prayer from God's Word (Psalms) when we are alone or with others, is the best thing we can do to position ourselves to receive from God. And God says, “shout for joy” in other words, “Let's not be quiet about this” !!

PRAYER   Father,  You promised You would “defend me” from my enemies AS I PRAISE YOU and rejoice in Your promises.  I put my trust in You by expressing my faith in prayer and worship from Your Word.  

WEDNESDAY     Psalm  5:7   

        It's time to get yourself into a congregation of believers who are worshiping God with the same faith and expectation of “hearing and receiving from God” that you are.  When you are fighting for your life (or any other battle) the ability to hear and receive from God increases exponentially when you pray and worship with other believers. “In fear of You I will worship” LITERALLY MEANS...  “to worship with the hope of hearing from God so you can obey Him”....and that's what this weeks prayer effort is all about.

PRAYER    Father,  I am continuing to  “look up to You” for guidance and grace, and I praise You for loving me and desiring to pour out that grace upon me.  Fill me with Your Spirit to keep me in this meditation and worship until I receive all You have for me.

FRIDAY      Psalm  5:12 

       Based on our prayers and faith this is the context for v 12

     Because you have been, “the righteous” (obeyed God's Word in prayer and praise for the purpose of winning your battle)....GOD HAS PLACED HIS “FAVOR AROUND YOU” AND THAT HAS BECOME “HIS SHIELD” OF PROTECTION FOR YOU. 

TODAY'S PRAYER AND PRAISE      Father,  Thank You for protecting me from the enemy in every attack that comes against me, and for teaching me to look to You for the help I need in every battle.  I now choose to walk in faith concerning Your promises, and I expect every promise to be fulfilled according to Your Word. AMEN !

Prayer Week   10/17-24             Psalm 5