Jesus' death on the Cross purchased forgiveness AND healing for us. Most don't realize that the “faith” you use to receive forgiveness, is the same faith you use for healing. This week's prayers can help with some “faith basics” for receiving the healing Jesus died for us to have. 
       :1-2 God wants you healed and healthy.  Our “foe” (“adversary, the devil”) does not.  Settle this in your mind, and you're moving in the right direction.  Pray and worship God with THIS PRAYER, to renew your mind to this reality.
v3 The real battle for healing is in your soul (your mind, emotions, and your will). When your “soul comes up from the grave” your mind becomes convinced of the truth we are praying about. This is “The Key” to receiving your miracle, and WILL HAPPEN when you pray from God's Word AS WE ARE DOING NOW.
v4 Here's a principle: “You will become what you worship”. One of God's Names is “Jehovah Rapha”...“God the Healer”. God tells us in this Word to remember who He is as we worship Him. Simple Enough ! Just Do It !
v5 I won't take time to explain God's anger in the world with respect to healing. Here's the point of this Word: Faith in Christ for forgiveness guarantees there will be no anger from God in any of His dealings with you. Your healing comes because of God's favor; Expect it to come as, “Joy in the morning”.
v11-12 The end of this week's prayer for healing: Praise Him by faith, and keep expecting what is promised in His Word. Worshiping God from His Word is the most powerful prayer you can possibly pray. This is “doing it God's Way”; God Bless You and Keep You Steady until you receive your miracle.
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