The 1st thing to remember in any battle is, “The Battle is The Lords”.  1 Sam 17:47  Regardless of the enemy's strength we must keep our eyes and our hearts on the promise of God to fight for us and bring us the victory.


Though many have risen against us, Lord, we look to You as Our Shield, Our Glory, and The One Who Lifts Up Our Heads.  As we declare Your Word as our “Sword of the Spirit” WE DECLARE OUR FAITH IN YOU, as The One Who Fights for Us and GIVES THE VICTORY.

DAY  #2    Psalm 3:4-5 

God desires to fill your soul with His Peace, TO THE POINT OF YOU BEING ABLE TO SLEEP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BATTLE, and to awake refreshed and strengthened for whatever is still ahead.


    Father, I thank you for filling my soul with Your Peace and causing me to take the rest I need to continue this fight til the end.  My hope is in You, and I expect that hope to produce faith for the victory and Your Peace as the evidence of our triumph over the enemy.

DAY #3       Psalm 3:6 


   The enemy's #1 weapon against you is fear that comes from being overwhelmed by the strength of your adversary.  Your #1 weapon against this is Your Mouth Declaring that You Will Not Be Moved by Fear.


  I will not be afraid of 10,000 who come against me, BECAUSE MY BATTLE BELONGS TO THE LORD.  Thank You, Father, for teaching me to Trust and Rely on You and for growing my faith for the victory in the conflict I am facing.

DAYS 4 & 5    Psalm 3:7-8       Selah

     God has been strengthening our souls and building our faith all week.  Let's spend the next days making the declarations that He Has Given Us for fighting our battles IN HIS STRENGTH.


     Father, I am taking the “Sword of the Spirit” (Your Word) and I declare that by Your Power and Your Strength YOU HAVE BROKEN THE STRENGTH OF THE ENEMY in this attack that has come against me.  Your Salvation and Your Blessing is Upon Me because I am your child and I praise You for the victory You have given.   

Ps 3:1-3    This Psalm is “The Sword of the Spirit” for any “faith fight” you will ever fight.  This week we will unite in prayer against every enemy that is coming against you, against us, our churches and our nation.  Get ready to learn how and then to “Fight the Good Fight of Faith” with renewed grace and strength.


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