Have you ever wished you could hear the voice of the Lord ?

This Psalm and prayer is given to help with this.

Follow God's Word into an experience with Him.

:1-2 Worshiping God from His Word is medita-

tion God's way. It honors Him on the highest level

and prepares your heart and mind to hear His voice.

:3-4 When you worship God for the power and

majesty of His voice you are inviting Him to speak

to you and expressing faith that will enable you

to hear Him when He does.

:5-6 Everything said about “God's voice” contains a

revelation about Him that is linked to hearing Him

speak. Keep worshiping with His Word, and you will

receive it.

:7-9 As you continue to worship Him about His voice, Don't Overthink

It ! You are listening for Him, not you. Simply speak the Words as a

praise to God....the meditation will keep you calm....calm enough to

hear Him.

:10-11 God's strength and peace always accompany

His Word (spoken to you). They are the evidence that

you have heard Him speak. Keep applying what we've

learned until you “hear Him”. It will be the start of

something new and beyond every expectation. God

Bless You, and Thanks for looking in.

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