We are continuing to pray for America (the church, the government, and every person)

to connect with God by the wave of righteousness and power (REVIVAL) He is sending.

People think we shouldn't ask for "judgment",

but judgment is what God uses to clean up cor-

ruption and stop evil. Each verse in this Psalm

has a specific anointing to call people to repen-

tence so we can be restored to His will and


6-7 Time to praise God for answering these

prayers. Keep your eyes on the good God

wants to bring out of the trial instead of the

evil that is in it, and faith will stay strong and

your heart encouraged.

8 YOU are God's anointed in these

prayers. Receive His strength and

grace as you "ask according to His


9 God wants is lead us through every trial,

and keep us in His blessings and protection.

Thank You for your prayers and faith,

and God Bless You in all you do.

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