Psalm 22

Jesus prayed and worshiped God with this Psalm all of His life as His normal routine as a Jewish believer. It is the revelation of

seeing beyond the suffering of the cross to the receiving of His saving grace for the entire World.

We are praying for “the world” AND FOR YOU to receive this revelation SO YOU CAN BE BROUGHT FROM DEATH TO LIFE

IN THE TRIALS AND CHALLENGES YOU ARE FACING. Every part of this Psalm / prayer is Gods’ Word on receiving His grace

and eternal life in this world and forever. Please pray and consider this as God helps you to receive everything Jesus gave His life for

you to have.

Jesus knew this Psalm prophesied His sacrifice and death on

the cross. He was well-aware that as He paid the price for our

sins He would experience, “being forsaken by God”. “The

wages of sin is death” (separation from God). We pray that

the message of Christ's sacrifice for us (an act of love that

can save us from the judgment we deserve) will be carried

through our nation and received by all God is calling to Him.

God has a plan to deliver us from every evil that comes

upon us. As God raised Jesus from the dead following


BE RAISED “FROM DEATH TO LIFE” in every trial we face.

We begin by being “saved from death and hell” through

faith in His sacrifice at the cross. We can then apply the

principle to every challenge we face as we walk with


Pray today that people will see the sacrifice for what it

is, and call out to God for the mercy He offers us.

This part of the prayer is basic faith to ask God to

deliver us, and then believe that He does by express-

ing our faith. (You have answered me) Use this

simple prayer-of-faith to believe God will move on

the hearts of those we are praying for to be saved

and receive God's deliverance.

God reveals to us that after Christ's resurrection He will

join us by His Spirit in our churches and worship with us. Let

this inspire your faith as you praise Him with these words,

and know that in this, He fulfills the promise, “to never leave

us or forsake us”.

This is God prophesying that “the world” will remember “the Cross” and

become “worshipers of God” (saved). Let this be our faith declaration to Believe

the Message of the Cross is moving throughout our land, and people are becom-

ing worshipers of God through the salvation He offers us.

PLEASE REMEMBER When we consider that these promises are for every per-

son in the world to receive Christs’ love and blessings….

IT BEGINS WITH YOU If these words help you see that Jesus gave His life for

you….Ask Him, right now, to forgive you for your sins, and ask Him to come into

your heart….Make Him “the Lord of your life”.

God Bless You, and Thaks for looking in.

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