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   I asked the Lord for His prayer to pray for America. THIS IS IT.  God is working in our nation, and this prayer is “The Sword of the Spirit” to bring leaders to God and Christ, and to protect us from the schemes the enemy has plotted against us.  Pray this prayer IN THE PURITY OF ITS WORDS, and invite the Holy Spirit to speak and minister to every person in government.  Never mind our differences;  Let's agree in this prayer. 
Thank You for being part of this prayer effort, and God Bless You.
Monday  21:1 

     We pray for the President and every government official to hear God's call to “salvation” and to “rejoice” in God's strength. We pray for God to unite believers in this prayer.  AMEN
Tuesday     21:3-6 
       Another “Faith Declaration”.  Imagine this as the description of every government leader in America. Flesh says, “I can't imagine that, it's too big”... God says, “Pray My Word” and let me take it from there.  Just Do It.
Wednesday   21:7 

       God is offering mercy to America right now.  When leaders say, “Yes” to the call of God, His mercy and strength will flow through the nation.  THIS IS GOD'S WAY TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT...and to become “One Nation Under God” according to His plan for us.
Thursday    21:11

     God has a plan for America, and the enemy has a plan to stop it.  God calls His people to pray for His Will to be done.  Let this promise become our “Battle Cry” and the “Sword of the Spirit” to defeat the enemy's plots against us.
Friday   21:13

       Thank You for Joining Us in prayer this week.  I hope you will continue to pray for America until we see the hand of God moving across the land.  I assure you that “God is Calling All Believers to Pray” and as we do, we will see God's Grace Bring Us into His will for us as a nation.  GOD BLESS YOU for being part of God's Plan to Save America.
We are praying AND EXPECTING that you will hear from God
as you pray through the Psalms
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