Friday    17:15 

    The result of passing “the test from God” this week is improved relationship with God.  You will “see His face” more clearly and find yourself more “like Him” as you move forward in this revelation.  God Bless You and Thank You for joining in.

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Monday   Ps 17:3a

   God calls us to walk in righteousness, AND THEN TESTS US (call it “a tune-up from God”) to help us do it.  This weeks prayers will keep us on track with God through the test AND CAUSE US TO PASS THE TEST by the grace of God.  Thank You for joining me, and God Bless You as we pass a test from God.
Tuesday    17:1-3 

     Passing a test concerning righteousness begins with guarding your words. Keep your words in agreement with Gods' Words, and your actions will follow the path of righteousness.
Wednesday     17:4  

      When you pray, worship, and speak Gods' Word, YOU STAY AWAY FROM THE DEVILS SCHEMES PLOTTED AGAINST YOU.  This is how God protects you.  “Passing this test”  keeps you in Gods' protection and out of the enemy's hands.
Thursday       17:5  
     Practical Application Day:   Keep using what we're learning. Guard against wrong speaking, and continue to speak God's Word over your life and situations.   This is "how we pass the test".