Friday   15:1-2  
Let's end where we started. 
   God is clear: Be careful with your words and actions concerning yourself and others,
       and you will keep yourself close to God.
         If you're looking for a “New Years' Resolution” (call it anything you like)
             ...Just make a choice to guard your words and actions,
                    and watch this produce good results in your relationship with God and others.  
                        Let's Do This !    ....And God Bless You in the New Year !

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MONDAY       Psalm 15:1-2  

    1st Thought for the New Year....If you want to “be close to God” get your Words and Actions right in His sight.  Remember....We're just following “a plan” given to me by the Spirit.  Let's think and pray these things and see where God takes us.  Thank You for joining me, and Happy New Year !!
Tuesday   15:3

Gods' continues His Word on “right words and actions”...Now concerning our friends and those around us. Wrong actions are the result of wrong words spoken against friends and acquaintances. Saying what is “right” causes us to do what is “right”.
Wednesday  15:4

      Now we look into the realm of attitude and integrity in our hearts before God.  More than an occasional thought to speak and act right, God wants us to have a heart that is dedicated to living these as a life-style. This should be a normal part of the “new life” that becomes who we are as “new creations in Christ”.
Thursday    15:5 

               God brings up “The Money Factor” in right behavior toward others. We should use money to help, not to take advantage of others, and never allow money to cause you to make wrong choices about people. God points out that staying strong against this “temptation” will keep us strong in our relationships with God.