Thursday & Friday   14:7

“Salvation coming from Zion”  is someone from among Gods' own people bringing the help and hope needed to “save the world”.   GOD IS LOOKING FOR “ONE TO GET IT RIGHT”....NOT to save the whole world this Christmas....BUT TO DO ONE GOOD THING FOR ONE PERSON IN NEED.  Please pray and consider BEING THE ONE.  
God Bless You and Thank You for the Help.   

for Prayer Week   Dec 19-26
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Monday   14:1 

            December is the darkest month of the year. (Not trying to be spiritual)...this is when we are farthest from the sun: Days are shorter and nights are longer. God chose this month for us to celebrate Jesus Christ as “the Light of the World” who came to bring Gods' Light and Life into our darkest hours. NOW I DO WANT TO BE SPIRITUAL.  This weeks' Psalm tells us “God is looking for “one to do good and understand God”.  HOW ABOUT YOU BEING THE ONE THIS CHRISTMAS !!  This weeks' Word and Prayers will encourage all of us to be useful to God to bring His Light and His Hope to the world around us, AND IF YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION YOU CAN SEE THE WORLD NEEDS IT MORE THAN EVER.  Please join us in prayer for Gods' Light to Brighten Up Our World, and be open to Him using you to help with it.  THANK YOU, and Have a Merry Christmas.  
Tuesday   14:4-6

God reminds us that there are always “bad people” who take advantage of others...He then points out that their sin is the result of “not calling on the Lord”.  It is time for us (we who do call on the Lord) to answer His call to us and be part of His bringing His Light, comfort, and help to the hurting world.  God Bless You as you bring Gods' Gift of Hope to your friends and family this year. 
Wednesday  14:5

God continues to contrast the world with His followers:  “they are in great fear” (anxiety and stress are at unprecedented levels in our country) while God is “with the righteous” providing peace and joy through the Christmas Holiday.  Let's bring this message to the world by choosing to be a help and comfort to THOSE YOU ENCOUNTER WHO NEED THE ENCOURAGEMENT.  They are looking for you to help....WILL LOOK FOR THEM ?