Friday   v 7
       The goal of the Lords' TESTING / REFINING is righteousness in us... Spirit, soul, and Body.  The fruit of this is deeper relationship with God and walking continually in His blessings, provision, and protection.     

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Monday    vvs   1-2
     God is telling us that though we want to “Flee as a bird...when the wicked bend their bow” (the enemy attacks us) God has a different plan.  This week we will learn how to “Pass tests” from God that are intended to refine us and give us a stronger foundation of faith and trust in the Lord.

Tuesday    v 3
      With every attack that comes against you, Satan hopes to destroy your faith in God. God uses these attacks to strengthen and increase your faith. THIS WEEK WE ARE PRAYING WE WILL BE TRAINED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT in Gods' refining process.  (known as Sanctification)
Wednesday  vvs 4-5
      GOD IS CLEAR...He hates ungodliness and will “test” (refine) his children to cleanse us from it.  The refining process works to train us to “walk in righteousness”... IN THE PLACE WHERE GOD CAN BLESS AND PROTECT US FROM THE ENEMYS' ATTACKS.
Thursday     v 6  
      God teaches us that “the wages of sin is death”.  We have righteousness in our spirit through faith in Christ and the cross,  BUT IT IS IN THE PROCESS OF “TESTING AND TRIALS” THAT RIGHTEOUSNESS IS ESTABLISHED IN OUR SOUL AND BODY.

      It is time to pray and accept what God wants to do in each of us and in His Body, the church. WE ARE IN THE GREATEST SEASON OF REFINING (sanctification) in the history of the church. IT IS TIME TO BE TRAINED BY IT !